Carrington Financial Services

At Carrington, we understand our business was built by clients for clients. Central to everything we do is our client first philosophy.

We know that building and managing a financial plan is much more that just handling our clients’ money; it’s helping to plan for the most challenging times, reach the most important pinnacles and shape the course of people’s financial futures.

We help client’s transition through life!

Helping client’s transition through life!

Our Philosphy

To provide you with a complete financial solution, by being your key contact for all financial matters. We want you to be able to sleep at night in the comfort of knowing you understand your financial situation and that your financial affairs are under control. We want to make sure you clearly understand, identify with, and are excited about your financial plan and how it is achieving your goals.

Our vision is to guide and look after our clients. We do not want to be the biggest firm, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and having the ability and time to spend working closely with our clients and knowing their situation intimately.

About Us

Carrington Financial Services, and its affiliates, Carrington Accounting Services and Carrington Lending Services, is located in Wayville, we now employ 10 individuals specialising in the areas of financial planning, tax and accounting, mortgage services and commercial finance.

Since its foundation in 1995, Carrington Financial Services has continued to be a healthy, growing and approachable practice, providing financial planning strategies and services.

Today, our business continues to grow with a clear understanding that our clients receive only the highest quality advice, strategy development and fully personalised service. We recognise that our clients have uniquely different needs and we know this means they require uniquely different care.

Our people provide comprehensive services to anyone wishing to plan for their future. Whether it’s help with buying a first home, securing personal and asset insurances, looking for wealth accumulation strategies or preparing for retirement, there is a service that is right for everyone.

About You

Our clients are small and medium sized businesses, families, high net worth individuals, private company groups, and self managed super funds. All aspiring for better lives, for themselves and their family, their business and their employees.

The clients we work with:

  • take responsibility for their actions
  • are honest, ethical and work hard
  • are open to change and positive in their approach and attitude
  • want to make a difference
  • recognise that we are important in helping them make that difference
  • are open and honest in sharing problems, issues , ideas and in finding solutions
  • realise the importance of constant improvement
  • have an idea of where they want to be
  • appreciate and value what we do

Our relationship with our clients is one of mutual respect and is based on:

  • Accessibility – we are very accessible to our clients who can easily get to us
  • Responsiveness – our clients see that we are outcome focused problem solvers
  • Accountability – a mutual commitment to achieving our client’s goals
  • Understanding – we understand our client’s business and their goals
  • Proactive – we go to our clients with ideas and suggestions

This relationship with our clients is achieved by understanding each client’s needs and delivering to them agreed upon outcomes.

What you have is just the start, what you do with it is the difference!